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The following chapter will focus on the review of related literature regarding the comparative effect of self-regulation on speaking accuracy on both extroverted and introverted EFL learners. Speaking accuracy Effective English speaking performance consider some components of speaking skills, such as accuracy and fluency. According to Tam (1997), improvement of learners’ fluency and accuracy in speaking is depending on variety of situations. According to Sadeghi and Edalati (2014) “Accuracy is a simple concept to be identified because all researchers agree with the main goal of accuracy.” (p.55) according to Skehan rule systems, accuracy is production of target language. Housen and Kuikken (2009) stated definition of accuracy as “error-free” speech. Researchers distinguished two types of grammatical accuracy: specific measures of accuracy and general measures of accuracy (Ellis and Barkhuizen, 2005). As specific measures of accuracy (Crookes, 1989, Kawauchi, 2005 and Wigglesworth, 1997), researchers attempt to measure certain forms on learners’ proficiency levels and development. In general measures of accuracy, accuracy can be measured through percentage of error-free speech (Foster and Skehan, 1996).…show more content…
According to Levelt (1989), the process of speaking includes conceptualization, formulation and articulation. Conceptualization deals with how to choose suitable information to express the meaning. Formulation requires how the speaker chooses appropriate words to use in suitable grammatical structure. And articulation needs the speaker to articulatory organs produce the speech. Therefore their speaking may be filled with “hesitations, false-starts, grammatical inaccuracies and limited vocabulary” (Hughes, 2002,

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