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PRECAST CONCRETE INDUSTRY Precast concrete industry is the collective name given to all enterprises that manufacture precast concrete products at specially equipped plants in a permanent location. The products are delivered to the construction site, ready to be put in place at building and road construction sites, civil engineering works etc. Once a precast concrete product is produced and all the quality controls are found satisfactory, the unit is stored until delivery. It is then transported for use at the construction/project site. The main advantages of such a process are, producing precast concrete in a controlled environment (typically referred to as a precast plant), the precast concrete is afforded the opportunity to properly cure…show more content…
It is estimated that the industry will grow by huge leaps and bounds in the coming decade. The key sectors which are likely to experience infrastructural growth in coming years are medical, education, residential, commercial and retail – these growth’ sectors are dependent on funding streams from Government and Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) which are likely to get a huge boost under the present…show more content…
KEF Infra, is the first fully integrated precast and prefabrication off-site construction facility that has come up in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, about 90 KMs from Bengaluru, with a vision to leverage the world s best technologies in construction industry in the Indian Sub-continent. Through this state-of-the-art platform, KEF aims to provide its customers with the complete experience of infrastructure development precast concrete, prefabricated bathrooms, joinery and aluminum glazing all in line on a 650,000 sq. ft. campus, the company with its consistent high quality achieved with construction in a controlled environment lowers the total lifetime costs in comparison to other building solutions. For example, precast minimizes structural and façade maintenance needs for years. With precast, the logistics needs are also minimal, with delivery vehicle required for only the ready-to-install precast floors, walls, frames and foundations, instead of the usual innumerable transfers required back and forth for all raw materials. Installed with the state-of-the-art Finnish equipment from Elematic, KEF’s precast unit produces hollow core slabs, beams, columns, wall panels and staircases. Its state-of-the-art joinery specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality doors, furniture, cabinets and fit-out works. The highly

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