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Surrendering to the torment of daily encounters with the mind, along with being open to transforming experiences for increased options for the experience of life, threw open the door to the world of deliberate, inter-religious dialogue. At the time, the excitement of participating in inter-religious dialogue was similar to passing under the Golden Gate Bridge and casting that first glimpse at the vast expanses of the Pacific Ocean, the curvature of the earth, the horizon, and the infinite spaciousness. Very simply, my inter-religious dialogue reflections were nothing short of awesome, and the vision was of limitless occasions for learning from another and for self-knowing and self-seeing. The initial experience of inter-religious dialogue during the spring of 2004 was not disappointing. It was transforming. The concept of inter-religious dialogue is nothing more than two people agreeing to be together to share spiritual experiences. The only requirements are to be firmly rooted in a spiritual tradition, to be open to what others have to offer, and to be willing to be transformed. On the surface, these requirements…show more content…
The dialogue sessions with Cheryl gave birth to the experience that interpersonal inter-religious dialogue does have the potential to transform. Some examples of spiritual transformation that emerged from the inter-religious dialogue experiences with Cheryl were exciting. One evening Cheryl stated, “I believe in reincarnation and this is my last life because I am living it right.” My experience of this thought was exceptionally wholesome and stirred up a storm of hope and inspiration. It has become quite easy to integrate this concept of last life into my own spiritual path. On a second occasion during a discussion of “the end,” Cheryl remarked, “Oh, I will just dissolve in the Universe.” From my perspective, this is an extremely satisfying and simple outlook, and this perspective felt like a good

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