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What is being done to combat poverty? Poverty has been a problem for many years. It affects a large percentage of today’s world population. And it will continue to expand. No matter how much income people get, there will be people who can’t afford enough food, water and shelter. How do we define poverty? According to a dictionary, poverty is “the state of being extremely poor”. But my definition of poverty is not having enough resources to be satisfied with your basic needs, like: shelter, food, clothing, water, health care and job. Poverty is like a disease, it is always spreading. There are many causes of poverty like natural disasters. During 1978 and 1998, more than one million people died in Ethiopia due to famines and droughts. More than…show more content…
Uneducated people and they marry very early in life and have so many children that they can’t support. It’s a huge problem because these kind of families only earns a small amount of money. Some leave their children on the streets to make money for them, begging for others to give them money. The declining of poverty in the country has been slow, even slower than neighboring countries like: Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and China. Food prices are increasing almost every year, this increases poverty because poor people can’t afford food. Most public hospitals lack their basic needs; medical equipment are also lacking. The image above informs us more about poverty in the Philippines. 1 out of 4 Filipinos are living on less than $1.000 a day. 3 million families can’t afford to buy their food and so 21% of children under 5 years old are underweight. When it comes to education, only 51 out of 100 students who enter 1st grade are able to graduate high school, however only 21 of these are able to finish university. One of the reasons why students drop out is because of poverty, some are lack of parental involvement and peer pressure. The unemployment rate is 7.3% while 18.7% are

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