Summary Of Eric Watts's Essay 'The Color Of Success'

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In the essay “The Color of Success” by Eric Watts he provides a personal exposé to show how black people can undermine one another for one’s interest in success. Watts wanting to be educated was seen as “acting white” amongst the black student in his school. In this essay, he expounds on ways black people can get over the stereotypical expectations stemming from other black people. The examples he provides to combat the stereotypes include black people stopping the use of the phrase “acting white” in reference to being educated and successful, also to stop using their race as a way of victimizing themselves, and finally not allowing people uninterested in education influence or bring them down. These are what Watts believes will create a platform for more success in black communities.…show more content…
More black people have to comprehend that success is not just for white people, it is in fact for black people also. The stereotype that being proper and being educated is only for people is one problem that leads to the downfall of some black people. Watts’ friend told him, “Eric you need to stop studying; you need to stop acting so white.” Studying is not only a white virtue. Watts’ was ridiculed for being black and educated when he should have gained support for his

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