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Learning a new language is an interesting task. It's not only learning a new language but it's about immersion and practice in the culture of that country. Learning a new language is about enjoying the culture of other country, discovering the various interesting features of the country, knowing its geography and understanding the history of that particular country. If you are planning to work in France as part of your career, live in the country or just planning to visit the country in future, then you need to learn the basic words and expressions in French. Also, you need to take the steps in right direction and start learning French. In the previous chapter of this module, you have learnt about how to introduce yourself and others. You…show more content…
Appeler means ‘to call’. It's easy to learn the verb, because it has a predictable pattern. o In English, the possessive adjectives are only concerned with the owner of something. o In French, it takes everything into consideration, who is the owner of something, the gender of the person owned and number (singular/plural) of the object owned. o French people use possessive adjectives, 'mon', 'ton' and 'son' for all masculine words and for feminine ones starting with a vowel or the letter 'h' when it is silent. o They use 'ma', 'ta' and 'sa' for feminine words starting with a consonant. They use 'mes', 'tes' and 'ses' for plural nouns, both masculine and feminine genders. o In English, we often make questions using interrogative words such as who, what, where, when, why and how. o In French, asking a question is different in its form and nature. o The French language also has its own version of the W's, namely, qui, quoi, où, quand and pourquoi. o You can also make questions in French by inverting the verb and subject in the sentence. o Another way of asking questions is by using où in the sequence as: où + verb + any subject (pronoun or

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