Continuity Theory Of Aging

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Today’s aging population are predominantly white but soon the demographics of older American will undergo a transformation. There are major differences in the aging of minorities when compared to white Americans. The onset of chronic illness in minorities is usually earlier than in whites. Moreover, the minorities are likely to endure from obesity which can lead to diabetes and health problems that will go unreported to their healthcare practitioner. Minorities are also not likely to seek health-related treatments, and are often excluded from drug research. There are other factors such as; poverty, unemployment, poor education, discrimination, stereotyping and poor healthcare that contribute to the aging difference in minorities. Affordability…show more content…
It states that when individuals engage in a full day of activities and maintain a level of productivity to age successfully, they tend to develop a greater frequency of activity and bigger life satisfaction. Thus, the more devoted the activity, the greater the life achievement, which points to the more explicit hypothesis that informal social activities should be highly related to life satisfaction than formal activity that, in turn, should be more highly related to life satisfaction than solitary activity. Also according to the theory, solitary activities are linked to life satisfaction, although to a lesser extent than social activities. The continuity theory asserts that individuals who age successfully sustain habits, lifestyle, preferences, and relations through midlife and later. Repeatedly, this theory presents the criterion that People who are doing well in midlife such as being happy should persist on ideals that made them that way and therefore, the criterion on how someone ages tends to impact the later lifestyles of…show more content…
Much of the aging is due to the baby boom generation moving into the ranks of the sixty five and older population. America has an obligation to prepare for this change and have resources available for our aging citizens. Many of these older adults have paid money over many years and they deserve to have access to those funds even if it is in the form of healthcare. It is obvious that healthcare is a debate in which no one can win and it takes a lot of time to sort through the many options to develop a new plan or reform to better assist our aging

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