Why Do People Make Ethical Decisions

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People make ethical decisions that affect their relationships or reputation positively or negatively every day. This also applies to the business world on a more serious scale. Businesses need to make ethical decisions or else their reputation could be hurt, and business could be lost. A couple recent examples of bad ethical decisions by companies are Samsung’s battery scandal and Wells Fargo’s cross selling scandal. Both of these scandals negatively affected the company in various ways. Wells Fargo is one the America’s largest financial institutes, who made a name for itself by being the best financial institute to sell its product to existing customers. This is called cross selling. And with fewer people actually going into banks nowadays because of things like direct deposit and online banking, cross selling sales would inevitably decline. Wells Fargo obviously did not want that and it kept its employee cross selling quota the same. This caused employees to search for alternate methods to keep up the sales quota. The main way employees found that they could keep these numbers up was to just give customers what they had declined anyway and without their knowledge.…show more content…
It didn’t just stop there either because accounts have to have a minimum balance. So employees would actually move a customer’s money into an account that they have do not know they have and in some cases that could cause the original account to incur insufficient funds fees. These accounts just kept getting created and when this fraud was first discovered in September of 2016 around 2.1 million accounts were found. As of August 2017 1.4 million more were found totalling 3.5 million unauthorized accounts. Of those accounts 190,000 accrued fees and 528,000 got enrolled in an online bill payment

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