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I broadened my horizon and have allowed myself to pursue goals that would not have existed if I had not stepped outside of my boundaries. My parents migrated from the regions of Southeast Asia to the U.S. in hopes for a better future. My parents eventually had me, but struggled to keep the household stable due to the hardship of trying to make a living in a new country. My mother was unable to attend college at the time and had to delay her dream of going so that she could raise me. However, time flies by very quickly and by the time my mother was able to attend college about ten years had past. She was the first generation to go to college until her life turned upside down and she was mentally unable to keep going. Due to personal reasons,…show more content…
However, no matter how much I studied or how much I read, I felt that I could never live up to my mother’s expectations. I felt that there was more to just the straight and narrow path ahead of me, my curiosity lingers in the back of my head, and I began to wonder what if I took a different route? At the time, I was unaware of my potential, the undiscovered skills and talents that had been hiding in the shadows waiting for the slightest beam of light to reveal its existence. Unlike my parents, I was different. My interests and desires clouded them with confusion, making it difficult to understand the reasons for my state of mind. I do believe that working hard to have a good education is important, but also it is important to also take advantage of the opportunities that provides memorable experiences that make life more fulfilling. One of the opportunities that I have taken advantage of was being involved in after school sports. In which my mother had already labeled as a "waste of time". I was involved in many after school sports, but the sport that really pushed me to my limits was swim and dive. Previously, my mother had filled my head with doubt about joining the team because of the fact that I did not know how to swim. She would say, "You'll only hold the team back". When my mother was young, she had tried to learn how to swim countless of times but failed and so as a result had predicted the same outcome for
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