Judith Butler Endangered/Endangering Summary

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Judith Butler in Endangered/Endangering explains the case of Rodney King and how he was beaten by the police violently, and the visual evidence did not help him as a recourse for justice. In fact was used against him to disprove his case. Judith argues that the “white episteme” and the “white imaginary” of a black male as a threat creates fear and eventually leads to racism and aggression for their protection. Butler’s describes this through the visual evidence or the video that the police recognized any movement from him as a source of danger and beat him down to protect itself (Butler, 1993, p. 16-22). She proves this through the brutal actions of the officers and jury’s approval. Butler further describes, this historically based phenomena of dangerous black male as an “illusion” that is existed in the society and manifests itself through different institutions, court system in this case (Butler, 1993, p.…show more content…
16-22). I agree with Butler’s positioning in the case of Rodney king. She thinks he, the police are the victim of this imaginary ideas that are racially has dominated our society. This historically based racism and seeing things through the western view has become a norm and natural to us. It has carried itself over the courses of historical events. Stuart hall’s “The west and the rest” as a discourse explains the initiation of this process. He reflects on the concept of “other” or stereotyping the “other” (Hall, 2007, p. 276-329). He mentions that the Europeans societies saw themselves as different or contrast with the other world. This reflect on the racial hierarchy that created and still exist

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