My College Admissions Essay: A Career As A College Student

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I’ve always been searching for a purpose in my life since I was a young girl. I’ve always dreamt of inspiring hope and change in others. As a college student, I struggled to find out what my true passion was. I changed my major several times and I couldn’t imagine what my future would entail. When I entered my junior year of college I changed my major for the last time. I decided I would earn my Bachelor of Arts degree in English because it became a subject in which I was truly passionate about. I enjoyed writing creatively, reading daily and being able to explain myself, thoughts and beliefs through my writing. It was an important outlet for me to have during my years as an undergraduate student. My studies have become a part of my life, I…show more content…
I attended St. Joseph Catholic School in Edinburg, Texas from Pre-K until my last year as a fifth grader. Before I entered middle school my parents allowed me to make a choice between continuing catholic school or entering the public school system. I decided that it was time to leave my small school community and enter a new environment and education system. When I went to middle school it was extremely tough for me because I came from a small private school that I had attended my entire years of being a student. It was a reality check when I started as a sixth grader, I now had to take TAKS exams, make new friends and try to fit in and adapt to this new style of learning. I never felt like I belonged but I tried my best because I wanted to make my parents proud. In my last year of middle school my mother gave birth to fraternal twin girls and it was instantly life changing, yet again. I had gone from being the only child to an older sister of three younger siblings in the span of five years. As I struggled through high school never feeling like I belonged, I made it through and graduated. I’ve had the opportunity to watch my siblings grow and learn each day and it’s been such a beautiful experience. My siblings have always looked up to me and I want and continue to be a positive role model for them. I want to push myself in my schooling and in my future career because I want them to know that their dreams are possible to achieve. No dream is too big or too small to achieve in this world. This is something I’ve come to learn throughout my college career and I constantly tell my siblings to find out what they are passionate about. It may have taken me awhile to realize, but I finally did. I fell, I struggled, but I’ve picked myself up. It’s now my time to take hold of my future. Now that I am finally going to achieve one of my life goals of

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