Call Of The Wild

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o start things up, i just wanted to say my overall opinion of Call of the Wild. It was that it was decent but i it didn’t have the feelings, and action and descriptive details that i look for in a book. I like for something new to happen every chapter so i can stay hooked and enjoy the thrill of the book all the way through. In Call of the Wild however, there were too simple events. I will now tell my favorite and least favorite parts in Call of the Wild. I mainly enjoyed chapter 7, because it was something new. The parts were Buck would go out and hunt every night were different and i enjoyed that. I also really liked when Buck encountered the wild wolf and they interacted. It was nice to have the setting in the fall, because that is my…show more content…
Buck was faced with this many times, and as a true lead faced them head on. Buck is another reason why I enjoyed this book for the most part. The theme includes parts in the book where Buck was introduced to snow, his combat with Spitz, and the many beatings he endured by the man in the red sweater. Buck is a good choice for a protagonist and faces many trials, so therefore i liked him as a lead and a source of veiw. The conflict of this book was very important as well. Spitz was main source of this conflict, but there were many other sources. One would have to be Bucks transition from the warm, sun-kissed life he once had, to the bitter and unforgiving cold of Alaska. Another would be Spitz constantly attacking and bullying Buck to no end, until of course his death by the hands of Buck. Next up is the setting of Call of the Wild. The setting was oh so very important to the story. Bucks changes in personality and and ways of doing this was all because of the setting in Call of the Wild. The setting at first was a sun-kissed, and rather lazy sounding place in which Buck lived, until he was stolen and taken to Alaska where he was forced to be used as a sled dog. My opinion of this was that- it made me angry, and sad because of the ways dogs were treated when the gold rush took place. This made me not enjoy some of these chapters very

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