College Admissions Essay: Family And Gender Differences

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Parents are a very important component for anyone because they shape the personalities of their children from birth and extend to their entire lives especially in my culture where boys and girls are not allowed to leave their parents’ home Boys can’t leave home until they finish their education and find suitable work, and girls until they get married . In my country women can’t decide anything for themselves, but my situation was completely different because I had a great father; he was not university educated , and we were middle class level ,but he raised four children with university education and two of them did graduate studies in their fields. My father never made any gender differences between his sons and daughters which is common in my culture. My father never pushed me to do something I never wanted beginning from my career which is not one of the favorites for many girls, but he respected my decision to become a civil engineer and work at field sites. One day, my work recommended me to one of the important trainings in water management abroad in Japan for almost three months, and I was the first women recommended for this training. By this time, I just had my oldest son, he was just one…show more content…
This was a big shock for me and my first feeling of losing one of strongest supports in my life; this experience kept me in a negative attitude for everything until I discovered that I needed to go all over this because he needed me to do that .This was the peak point of my suffering of his death .I began to act in a very different way, and did all the things he normally used to do it for my family because we needed by this time for someone take his roles and

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