College Admissions Essay: I Believe In Happiness

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I Believe in Happiness I believe in smiling- while walking down hallways, at sheepheaded jokes, and smiling to make others smile. My smile has the ability to make someone feel safe, brighten their day or let them know they brighten my day. My ability to smile in the muddle headed, and sometimes hard situations is something that makes me happy. Nearly a year ago, I sustained a concussion during cheering and school became taxing, difficult and dreaded. Math, a subject I had always understood and loved suddenly frustrated me. I couldn’t understand, retain or Mrs.Wilson, who soon became my favorite math teacher, went out of her way to help me. She smiled constantly throughout the process of getting my brain back on it’s feet. Emailing her this fall with a long “thank you for everything”, she remarked on how she knew I would excel this year, because I loved to make my brain sweat, and smile the while doing so. Her kind hearted smile, made me realize that not all heroes wear capes, and she gave me a reason to smile when I didn’t have one.…show more content…
I learned this from my closest friend, Uyo. Even though we hated each other in 2nd grade, and in 3rd grade we became inseparable. She was the antithesis bto my crazy outgoing personality but she was my perfect fit. We disagreed on almost everything, and pushed each other's boundaries. Soon 935 miles would separate us for 6 years. Her dad wanted a change from the New England life he’d lived for almost 60 years. When she moved, it felt like a piece of myself moved with her. It was sad, but we FaceTimed each other almost every day. Even though our “I miss you” calls always ended in silly disagreements, we’d just simply agreed to disagree and call each other the next day. She’s moved home again, but even though she’s closer; 2 and a half hours with good traffic separate us. To this day, we still disagree on many things, but we remain best friends through our long lived motto “agree to

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