Personal Narrative: My ASL Community Experience

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For my ASL community experience I went to a church for the deaf and blind. I am a mormon so I went to a LDS deaf ward on Sunday. It was so cool to be there and I had a lot of fun. I would love to go back sometime. First off, this ward was different because of the obvious point that everything was signed, but also there were interpreters. Every person that would go up to the pulpit had an interpreter if they could not speak. It was so weird being the minority and having to have an interpreter to inform me what was being signed. It was so interesting to see the signer and I learned a couple of new words. It was hard to keep up and I only knew a couple of words, but it was so cool to see. One thing I thought was funny is that because all of the…show more content…
After the meeting, a girl came up to me and started signing to me. She signed to me and told me that her name is Ally and she is 14. I introduced myself and she asked if I was deaf, hard of hearing, or hearing and I told her that I am hearing. I then asked if she was deaf, hard of hearing, or hearing and she said that she is deaf. We talked for a little bit and it was nice because she helped me learn and understand any signs that I didn’t know, but I knew what she was saying most of the time. It was awesome to be able to understand her and not feel like I was such an alien in this new world. After we talked, other people came to talk to me and my family and they were all so nice and helped us understand them when we didn’t. I learned that most deaf or hard of hearing people are really sweet and try to help you when you are learning or don’t know sign language. I used some of the signs I have already learned in class to talk to her and it made it much easier having already learned how to talk to someone a little…show more content…
It’s kind of like when you go to a new place and the culture and language are different, but they are beautiful and you just want to take it all in. This experience showed me a little bit of the deaf world and it was very interesting and I am excited to learn more and be able to sign fluently and understand the deaf culture better. I am glad that I went into this situation with a little knowledge of the language because it was cool to see a sign every once and awhile that I understood and it made me feel like I actually knew

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