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From the moment I open my eyes every morning, until the moment I close them at night, all I see is art, in different forms and expressions. I am fascinated by the designs and details of the smallest objects such as the earrings placed on top of my desk, to the tallest buildings I pass by in the heart of New York City as I commute to work. To me, art is creative expression, is emotion, ideas that are immersed in the mind of the creator and made physical contouring everything surrounding us. That is why; every art class that I have taken in the past has inspired me and been a tangible proof of my artistic aptitudes, which I want to expand and share in the art field. I believe that it would be an honor to be accepted to the The School of Fine and Performing Arts in SUNY New Paltz, which offers didactic strategies and a suitable…show more content…
I was exposed to multiple activities that encouraged creativity, dexterity, and individuality. My parents greatly influenced me to develop a preference for mathematics and sciences, being both exceptional electrical and industrial engineers. But as I matured, their guidance drastically changed, as they became aware of my artistic skills and the passion I showed for art. I remember once, while helping my father disassemble a machine, he made me pay close attention to the smallest piece and its importance; smallest screw in the wrong place, would cause the machine to malfunction. It is very clear to me now, that my fascination with the machines that my parents brought home had little do to with the actual science of fixing them, but almost fully with the idea of disassembling every part, observing the shapes of each part, and the harmony they created once put back together to make the machine work again. In my work, details play an empiric role in conveying a message. Every line on paper or stroke of paint is part of the language I use to express through

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