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My favorite thing to do is listen to music. We listen to music everyday whether we are in are cars, using our IPods, or even watching television. There is a song for almost any emotion or situation a person may go through, so naturally music is very therapeutic. There are many different types of music that have different beats or sounds that can evoke different feelings in others. Such genres as hip hop, rap, and rock can be the most influential among people. Music has been around for a long time and every single type of music is integrated with each other and are influenced by each other. Because of this music does not only defines a type of sound, but it also re-forms lifestyles and can define a generation. There is power in music that can…show more content…
There are many parts of Rap. But it is a style of music that consists of semi-monotonic rhymes strung together over musical beats. It also includes, really loud bass and several drum beats that are commonly incorporated. In the early days of hip hop, raps were performed by DJs. The sounds comprised from turn tables and mic checks were fused into many songs. Back in the day when Hip Hop first started they would not perform at concert halls but at house parties, so it then began to gain popularity. African Bambaata stated that Hip-hop is a form of popular music that's comprised mainly of emceeing and deejaying. Emceeing and deejaying has continued to play a big role in outlining the sound of rap. The lyrical portion of hip hop the songs are extremely diverse in the topics talked about. While the lyrics exhibited in songs have become more ranged as rap has progresses, many early artists performed songs about poverty and gang violence. Drug dealer references have often been made, even still today hip hop has explicit suggestion. Most lyrics reflect the modest beginnings of hip hop but as a whole, hip hop has come to involve a wide range of topics, with anything from club scenes to serious political issues. Hip hop lyrics have also played a big part in defining the genres of rap which have grown and expanded over the…show more content…
The new styles within hip hop have led to the expanding sub categories. With different beats, lyrics and geographical location of rappers, there came to be 10 sub-genres for the different styles of hip hop. There is West Coast, East Coast, Dirty South, Gangster Rap, Pop Rap, Christian Rap, Conscious Rap and Electro Hip-hop. While the first three categories refer mainly to location, there are still certain sounds and topics of lyrics that relate to each area. Each area has different influences, for instance, the Dirty South rap is known for is dance ability and rhythmic delivery, and Gangster Rap is one of the early most controversial styles of hip hop, made popular from artist like NWA. Songs like these typically glorify criminal life and gang banging activity. Pop Rap is a much more recent genre that caters to a wide variety of listeners more than any other style. Pop does not contain any definite sound. The lyrics are usually tamed down and less controversial than gangster rap. Christian Rap and Conscious Rap are both alike as they are generally more respectful and reflective styles, with artists like Common. Jazz Rap and Electro Pop are the most recent forms of Rap, both incorporated aspects of jazz and electric into

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