College Admissions Essay: A Career As A Hockey Player

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As I walk out of the locker room, I immediately feel the fresh and cold air along with eager players filled with excitement. I have played hockey since I was three and have been an ice hockey referee for the past 4 years. As a player, I have learned the rules of hockey but as a referee I have learned why we have the rules and how to enforce them. My goal as a referee is to make sure I enforce the rules properly and ensure a safe and fun environment for the players. Throughout my career as a referee, I have gained very important life skills and have become a more responsible person. My experience with fellow employees, coaches, fans, and players have taught me a lot. I have gone from just playing the game to truly learning the importance a…show more content…
I have learned how to interact with other employees as well by using strong communication skills. As a younger referee, I have learned to be teachable and ask questions. I have learned to be a good listener and have been able to pick up on key techniques from more experienced referees. This job has also taught me the how to handle opposition. I have always strived to do things perfectly but in reality, I will make mistakes. What I have learned is that it’s how you handle these mistakes is what truly counts. As a referee I have made mistakes and coaches, fans, and players have yelled at me but I have learned to work through these mistakes. Throughout the job, I have learned that I am accountable for my actions. I could no longer rely on my parent to do everything for me. It is my job to show up on time, if I was late, I would have to pay for the consequences. Being a referee is more than just a job, it’s an opportunity to have a positive influence on younger players by keeping them safe while also promoting the game of

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