Close Minds In Things Fall Apart

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Zachary Powell Period 1 10/3/15 Survival of the Fittest To change a person’s mind that is one of the hardest things to do. You have to give a new idea, present it and prove that it is better than the one they already have. Not only does it sound crazy but it takes courage. Many people can’t deal with the pressure of presenting an idea of change nor can people actually look at things from a step back from their narrow view and see how change can be good and beneficial to them. People with open minds have more power in our world than people give them credit for. They have the power to adapt, to see things in a new light and to grow not only as people but as a whole society. People with close minds however are at a disadvantage. They refuse to…show more content…
Growing up, his father Unoka, did not provide properly for his family. This already subconsciously tells Okonkwo that masculine traits determines one person’s success. His father’s lack of providing for his family also gives fear and humility to Okonkwo which increases as learns about Umuofia, finding out that other villagers are observant of Unoka as well. As Okonkwo matures, he begins providing for his family by farming yams. Yams in Nigeria are a symbol of wealth and dominance so as Okonkwo begins to farm yams he also begins to become dominant doing a typically masculine thing. He has to farm for his family because of his father and his lack of providing. “he had to support his mother and his two sisters...and supporting his mother also meant supporting his father.” (25). Okonkwo’s maturity and self sustainability is well noticed and applauded within the community. “Age was respected... but achievement was revered.” (12). The appraisal he gets from the community leads to a sense of safeness and self respect which ultimately caused his to drift away from his father. All of these new positive traits and feelings Okonkwo gets as a result of farming and taking care of his family, leads to him making the connection of masculinity to success. The more masculine you are, the more people will look at you in a good light and will result in living a good stable

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