Japan Vs American Society Essay

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Society of Japan vs. American Society Everybody is different, and we all derive from different cultural backgrounds, but our cultures make us understand where each one of us come from and who we are. First, we must understand that in the end of it all, our neighbors are just like us, with the same issues, the same questions, and ultimately, the same goals. There is plenty diversity throughout the world, for example, some people may come from Japan, and some from The United States. Then of course, culture can vary from place to place. Although Japanese cultures and The United States’s cultures are indeed similar in various ways, they are also vastly different in many. Most notably, and more specifically, Japan and The United States differ from their crime rates, formality, and the general culture. The first difference in Japan and The United States societies, is the crime rate and gun usage. The two countries both have wildly different approaches to guns and the role they have in each society. On one hand, Americans have the freedom of owning a weapon as they please, and most U.S residents are pro guns and prefer to own one. On the other hand, the world's least firearm-filled nation, Japan, in where most residents don’t even own a weapon or even care to. This may also have to do with the drastically low crime rates in Japan, and the high…show more content…
In comparison, also in 2008, 587 Americans were killed just by guns that had been shot by accident. Japans highest crime rate was in 2007, with 22 homicides, which became a national scandal. Purchasing a gun in Japan can be fairly difficult, and you must obtain a permit and go through a process in Japan to own a gun. Even then, the only guns that are available to be purchased are shot guns and air riffles, which is no wonder why Japan is the second-lowest country with the lowest murder rate in the

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