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In the winter of 2029, a meteorite struck the earth and with it brought the virus. No one could have predicted what would happen to the world. The spread of the virus grew rapidly and many people predicted that rapid breakdown of institutes, civil disorder and massive casualties will occur. The outcome, known as Dark Christmas, revealed how vulnerable humanity has become. Everything was dependent on this delicate and unstable economy we created. Remove one thing, and everything falls apart so with nothing left, groups of people formed together to survive and this is where it all began. Eighteen years after the incident, the world has calmed down. Society now lives within quarantined zones. Walls six meters high surrounded crude communities, with giant metal gates standing sentry at the entrances. Resources are rationed and given out to the weak first. Riots were a common thing now and guards are put in place to keep things peaceful. Able bodies are recruited into the military to keep those infected at bay. The noise of a truck passing by awakened me. I was sixteen when I was selected into the quarantine guards. The military don’t allow…show more content…
I had gone out of the zone a couple of times before but this would be the farthest. The wall was built to protect civilians from the infected. We call them Screamers. Screamers are in stage three of four stages and are the most dangerous. They are partially covered in small crystal protrusions. A simple scratch from the crystals would infect you in a few days. You can distinctly hear the agonizing screams from within the walls, which is why they are called Screamers. The guards are trained to deal with them but personally I hadn’t encountered one yet. However, we all carried a small pistol and a small blade with us for protection. A gunshot to the head usually kills

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