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Nowadays we are in an era where you have latest technologies and accessories. People go on outing or where ever they take pictures of themselves and their fellows. Now a days taking pictures every time is a new hobby as they have to update their social sites every time like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc. Do you think you aren't photogenic? Do you hate having your picture taken? Do you run and hide every time you see a camera?Unfortunately, not everyone looks good in pictures naturally. However it does not mean that you can not become photogenic.Getting in front of a camera, posing, smiling, being natural and ultimately looking good in a picture is quite an art, and it takes training. How To Pose For A Picture? The most important step to look better in pictures is to have good posture. Avoid…show more content…
Other photographer tips that never fail to make subjects look great in pictures is keeping the elbows slightly apart from the body, leaving the weight of the body to fall on one hip. The legs should be slightly separate not too wide from each other, and a shoulder should be more angled towards the camera than the other. Should You Face The Camera? Why do you think everybody hates their passport photo? A picture not having your front is all but flattering and attractive, so it is best to follow the advice from professional photographers and place yourself slightly sideways when in front of the camera lens. The result is a much slimmer figure and a more natural and relaxed posture. If you want to look better in pictures, you shouldn't face the camera full-on. The picture on your ID cards or on your passports or university cards is always with your front and everybody hates that picture so do you. How To Hide Double

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