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This coming week will be the 13th Anniversary of this event. Over a 21 day period in October 2002, John Muhammad and his teen accomplice John Lee Malvo ambushed 13 unsuspecting strangers killing 10 of them. These Beltway sniper attacks were a series of coordinated shooting that took place in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. These two serial losers terrorized the region they shot people at the gas stations and parking lots. They even shot and wounded a 13 year old standing in the front of the school. Throughout that region sporting event was cancelled. Parents were afraid to send children to school. People afraid to go to gas station alone. We all were looking and ducking from white trucks. Born John Allen Williams in Baton Rouge, LA changed his name after converting to Islam. A 1978 high school graduate from Scotlandville High School. After graduating he enlisted in the…show more content…
After 5 ½ years on Active duty, he was discharged in 1985. Later in the year 1985 he enlisted in the regular Army. Although Muhammad was listed in the Army, he didn’t take special sniper training. He served in Operation Desert Storm. In 1981 he married his teenage sweetheart and one year later had a son. The couple separated and divorced in 1985. Although Muhammad was still in the military, he moved to Washington State. Where he often complained that his ex-wife never allowed him to see his son. But the wife stops allowing to see his son because she allowed the son to visit him for the summer and when he returned, he loses weight and the son said dad had a special military diet. In 1988 he remarried and had three more children. She filed for divorce in 1999. Although they had joint custody of the children, he eventually took the children out of the

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