Short Speech About Sikkim

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Do you have this feeling of having seen the most beautiful and breathtaking places in this world and haven't been to sikkim yet?Then let me tell you one thing my friend,you've been in a delusion all along and sikkim is just very you should head to this vacation.Sikkim is not just like any other Indian state,but it has so much to offer of its own.For adrenaline junkies to peace seekers,for families to backpackers,it has got a lot on offer for everyone.Having experienced this wonderful state myself,I feel tankuful to god for making this gem a part of india. Sikkim is a small landlocked state in northeast India,situated in the very core of the Himalayas.It's bodered by Nepal,Tibet and Bhutan.It also share its boundary with West Bengal.Sikkim became part of India not before 1975 and Gangtok has been its capital city ever since.sikkim is divided into four administrative districts known as east,west,north and south Sikkim.…show more content…
NOTE:Many places in Sikkim require a permit to visit.You can apply for the permit in Gangtok,one day before your excursion.This is mostly arranged by the tour and travel company you have booked your tour

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