The Great Gatsby And Daisy's Relationship

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The American Dream relates to JAY.Gatsby and Daisy’s relationship because trying too hard for something can result in failure in your own mind but not others. Jay Gatsby failed to accomplish his American Dream because he focused everything he had on one thing: Daisy. Fixated. Obsessed. Another way the american dream is incorporated into the book by the green light. I believe that gatsby did want to live the american dream but he was missing something which was so close which he always looked at which was the green light. He knew he was close and he was just a glimpse away to living how he appeared to be. Trying his hardest he threw parties hoping that he would be able to win over the last peace to his american dream puzzle. Doing his best…show more content…
Gatsby's first encounter with his love Daisy was sure delightful for the readers and himself. Little did he know his love for her would turn into something that will get much out of control. As soon as his eyes met hers the long lost love was bonded back together. He was so happy to tell her about his life and she was happy to share details about hers. He wanted her to see what he has accomplished. He had invited her over to see his house. An occurrence in chapter 5 page 118-119 was when Daisy had broken down crying in his shirts. While Daisy was crying she had said “They're such beautiful shirts," she sobbed, her voice muffled in the thick folds. "It makes me sad because I've never seen such – such beautiful shirts before.” This quote shows a big part in her love. Daisy is married so any spouse would be devastated to break their spouses heart. Being the polite woman she is she could not just come out and say i love you Jay Gatsby. Daisy had to keep it a secret which i believe is what had broke Gatsby into pieces trying so hard for her to break off with tom and to run away with
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