Folkway Norm Analysis

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One’s own perspective is very important; the way you perceive, observe, and analyze things governs the way you live your life, and the way you see other people. Depending on where your born on this planet places you in a society with its own morals, values, norms, folkways, and sanctions, for every culture is different. Based on your cultures norms, folkways, and sanctions depicts and governs the way you act in your society. Now let’s get more into detail on what those 5 different words mean, and how they counter-act and differ from one-another. Folkway norms are a set of normal everyday activities that are done because your family or your family’s culture has been doing that specific action consistently for a long period of time. For example,…show more content…
Folkways are used to keep one’s culture/beliefs practiced in your family or by yourself. Now as for everyday norms, they are set by the society as a whole. They are something we are used to seeing/doing in everyday life and are performed by just about everyone who follows the society’s norms. Violating a norm is a little bit different that violating a folkway norm, as you can actually be punished by law enforcement and or society depending on how bad the norm violation is. A simple example of an everyday norm is one brushing their teeth every day, it’s a normal routine that should be performed and practiced by everyone. Although you can’t get in trouble by the law enforcement for violating this norm, society and your friends would look at you a little differently if they were to know you were to never to brush your teeth. Imagine how they would describe your character without really even…show more content…
Having morals in your life is having a conscience, which means what you think is right and wrong in human behavior. Everyone who has a set of morals and follows them usually are the ones who don’t get into trouble and do good in life. Having morals helps you make those tough decisions in life in which you have to decide whether it’s the wrong or right thing to do. There are morals that apply to society as a whole and those that you choose to apply to yourself personally. An example of having to make a moral decision would be whether to have an abortion or not. Although society hasn’t necessarily decided whether it’s the wrong or right thing to do, it would be up to you personally to make the decision if it being the right or wrong thing, thus making this a more personal moral choice. Making this decision may or may not please everyone, therefore not everyone shares the same morals. Morals are not the only thing people should have in life they should also place value on things. Anything and everything has a certain value whether it be little or great value. As you go throughout life, your parents should try and show you as a kid what is valuable and what is not. Family is one thing that everyone should place high value upon, although maybe to certain people it might be, family is not valued by everyone. Values change once you get older, showing the human perspective changes as we grow up. As long as someone places value upon

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