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All of the sudden, the Navajos were forced to move off their land without any reason as to why. They were kicked out of their homes and held captive against their will and either had the choice to move or die. The Long Walk is about how the U.S. government forced the Navajos to walk from their homeland to a fort in New Mexico. Many died from the journey to imprisonment. Did the U.S. government do the right thing to send the Navajos on a 300 mile trek or should the U.S. government have left the Navajos at their homeland? The topics that will be discussed is what the Long Walk was, previous conflicts between the U.S. government and the Navajos and what happened after the Navajos returned to their homeland. The Long Walk is where the United States…show more content…
Some of the people who were involved were soldiers, one of whom was Kit Carson. Mainly, though, they were Navajos: including men, women and children. Many Navajos refused to be confined upon a reservation by the U.S. government. This journey was lead by Kit Carson and if any Navajo resisted they would be killed. Kit Carson was born on December 24, 1809 in Kentucky. He was raised on the Missouri frontier and had to give up his education to help his mother raise his 10 siblings after his father died in 1818. Even then he became an experienced trapper and hunter in his twenties, and by the 1850s he was an American soldier. Kit Carson eventually became an American Indian agent and most of his military was directed against the Navajo Indians. This is how he became the leader of the Long Walk. After the Navajos arrived at Fort Sumner for imprisonment there were too many people, nearly double of the Fort’s capacity. There were issues with firewood, water and crops. There was not enough firewood to supply the warmth needed. The water was bad and made many sick with diseases. The crops failed and were infested by worms not giving them enough food for everybody to eat. So many of the Navajos died due the government's lack of

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