Rr Engineering Case Study

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ARR Engineering India Pvt Ltd, a company established in the year 2007 under the chairmanship of Mr. S. N. Swamy, in Seethamaram Nalraod, Vedasandur, Dindigul (Dt), situated in the high way connecting Vedasandur and Ottanchatram. Started as a small scale industry and as a subcontractor to BHEL, ARR slowly specialized in manufacturing of heavy structurals like Boiler Columns involving sophisticated Auto Welding process & other equipments like Ducts, Buck Stays & Ceiling Girders for higher size boilers being supplied by BHEL. ARR follows strict Quality Procedures and adopts various International Standards in production activities. objective • To study the basics of Six Sigma methodology and implementation in a manufacturing industry. • Detailed…show more content…
With the High productivity goal, various other factors should be taken in to consideration in manufacturing industries such as fierce competitors, diversity in product range, lead time and customer demand in terms of quality and quantity. Implementing six sigma techniques to improve productivity is done by reducing the variation in the welding process. To study the problems faced during the transition phase of six sigma implementation and to understand the mindset of the workers to optimize the implementation of six sigma and lean industry DMAIC is the methodology used here - Define the problem. What is the desired outcome? This may be based on customer requirements, internal goals, or your competition. - Measure the important parts of the production process. - Analyze the data that was collected to identify the root causes of defects. - Improve or modify the process to create an improved process that produces fewer defects. - Control the process to prevent deviations from the required standard and correct deviations before they result in defects Six Sigma is considered as a methodology of implementing TQM. Six Sigma is an innovative approach to continuous process improvement and a TQM methodology. Since quality improvement is the prime ingredient of TQM, adding a Six Sigma program to the company’s current business system covers almost all the elements of TQM. Six Sigma has become a much broader umbrella compared to TQM. Six Sigma is new, emerging, approach to quality assurance and quality management with emphasis on continuous quality improvements. The main goal of this approach is reaching level of quality and reliability that will satisfy and even exceed demands and expectations of today’s demanding customer. A term Sigma Quality Level is used as an indicator of a process goodness. Lower Sigma quality level means greater possibility of defective

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