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As stated in the official Military publication titled Army Tactics Techniques and Procedures 3-04.7: 1-69 , "P4T3 is a planning tool that allows commanders, leaders, and maintenance personnel to coordinate and plan the personnel and resources required to perform maintenance. Use of the P4T3 process will streamline the maintenance and normally same time and resources." The “P4” in P4T3 stands for the four p’s of aircraft maintenance, PROBLEM, PLAN, PEOPLE, and PARTS. The T3 in P4T3 stands for the three T’s of aircraft maintenance TIME, TOOLS, and TRAINING. Prior to the practice of maintenance in United States Army Aviation these are all of the things that one must reflect on to devise a strategy to accomplish ones mission, thus achieving completion…show more content…
How will a Soldier be able to fix a problem without knowing what the problem is? As soon as a Soldier is able to identify the deficiency in the component the Soldier can then appropriately make a decision on what would be the best course of action they would have to take in order to fix said problem. Following this strategy is a much simpler method of operation when you stand back and map it out, this is one of the ways that the P4T3 is useful to United States Army Aviation maintainers, and is why the first P in P4T3 is so important PLANNING… Secondly, when a Soldier is assigned to take on a task, it is much safer to carefully lay out a plan of action instead of diving head first right into said task. By planning the task and mapping out your steps in advance you can follow a procedure step by step, and not get lost or mix up your steps. This is more efficient on the unit’s time and the United States tax payers money, which is ultimately going to be spent by the Army, wasting that is a No-Go. So in a nutshell, standing back and taking a little more time to plan can save a Soldier, the unit and the United States Army Aviation Branch a lot of time and potentially money in the…show more content…
Maintenance managers should consider the following questions when conducting maintenance procedures: How much time is required to complete the maintenance action? Is there sufficient time free from detractors to affect the repair? The estimated completion date of maintenance that brings an aircraft to fully mission capable status is crucial in forecasting combat power availability. Leaders must allow adequate time for aircraft maintainers to perform maintenance on the equipment.” TOOLS… This section of P4T3 is to see if the right tools are available to the Soldiers for use, and if they are available, that they are serviceable. Army Tactics Techniques and Procedures 3-04.7 states, “The maintenance manager, when assessing maintenance procedures, should consider if the unit has the correct type and quantity of tools to perform the maintenance tasks. This is especially true during split-based operations.” Imagine if a Soldier was in the middle of maintenance and required a torque wrench but it wasn’t available because it was being calibrated. Such an instance could have been worked around if there was adequate planning with

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