Classroom Management Reflection

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Discipline, classroom management, and creating community in the classroom begins the first moment a student meets a teacher. This may be the first day of class, at a basketball game, or as students pass the teacher in the hallway. Respect, in my opinion, is the beginning to every good relationship, which is exactly what teachers must develop with students in order to build an atmosphere of successful learning. An atmosphere of successful learning holds disciplinary issues to a minimum, because expectations are set at the very beginning of class, are enforced repeatedly, and are enforced for everyone fairly. It’s important to keep in mind that I plan to work with mostly high school students, who will be preparing for life on their own in…show more content…
Taking ownership of any action is crucial to growing up, because actions and consequences aren’t always negative. Classroom management is much like being a manager of a business, in which I have experience. How a classroom is set up can support or hinder the lesson being presented any given day. For example, if I plan to have a Socratic Seminar or administer a test, then my classroom should be arranged to encourage the appropriate discussion or lack thereof. Emphasizing that homework needs to be turned in on time is vital, because it does carry consequences, just like paying taxes late—there is a penalty. While explaining this, I also give students ideas as to when to get extra help. Students can come to me for help before or after school or through email if they don’t understand something. I will also explain to them that if they are absent, they need to see me for an adjusted due date and addition information about the assignment…show more content…
I have acquired supplies to keep me organized, which I believe will help students trust that I respect their homework, will handle it with care, and will not lose it. I have color-coded file folders for student to turn in their work. I also have color-coded boxes for their graded work, so they’ll know when papers need to be handed back to them. The same color-coding is used to file extra copies of assignments, in case they misplaced theirs. I have also have already laminated signs for “Absent” and “No Name” work, so they’ll know where to look if they were gone or if they are missing an assignment in my gradebook, but know they have completed the

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