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This article is relating to the competency because it focuses is on challenges teachers face as multicultural classrooms increase. It also touches on the relationship between education and culture. Because culture is an important piece of the education system, the education should reflect it, however, it has to be an appropriate for students and their cultures. Therefore to enhance the students’ achievement and confidence of students due to increased comfort, teacher’s instructions must be in harmony with students’ culture. In the Social Work profession, social workers must engage in research-informed practice and practice-informed research. In this case, the teachers used their knowledge to improve their teaching approaches and learning experience. Competency/Courses The responsibility of teachers creating activities inside and outside the classrooms that requires interactions among students from diverse cultures, such as study groups and fields trips, can thus raise cultural awareness between students relates this to the course Diversity and Empowerment. However, teachers focusing on multicultural teaching and learning, as they become more effective and gain the trust of their students in the classroom through encouraging…show more content…
Research shows that most kids who are bullies in their adolescent years are found to have at least one conviction when they become adults. Although India is adolescent populated, there has been no systematic study within that culture. Therefore, researches decided to conduct a study and write this article. Through research, it was found that most bullying happens on school grounds rather than to and from school. The amount of bullying is not a result of school or class size. It is also not a result of rural or suburban schools either. The frequency of bullying however, is reflected depending on school polices and

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