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Question 1: Define what altruism means to you in the context of medicine. Altruism, by nature, is a fundamental component of medicine. I define it as the unselfish actions taken by individuals to improve the health and well-being of others. This is not limited to just health care professionals going above the call of duty, but also relates to the role the general public can play in provision of medical care. For instance, people can donate blood, organs, or volunteer to participate in clinical studies. As a health professional, I have encountered numerous situations where altruistic actions were Recently, a 71 year-old female patient discharged from the hospital called me as the pharmacy was closing. She was diagnosed with an infection…show more content…
Altruism in the context of medicine is not only the territory of the health professional, nor does it only involve risky sacrifices. Any gesture, big or small, that members of society undertake at a burden to themselves to improve the patient’s welfare is sufficient. The patient’s needs are paramount. so that prescription could be filled at the 24-hour pharmacy so the patient could start the antibiotic as soon as possible -altruism does not require grand life-risking behaviour,…simple thoughtful gestures may…show more content…
To accomplish this I spoke with the associate owner and was able to get a diabetes study package for CDE pharmacists. Furthermore, I spoke with a certified dietician regarding which foods to avoid and the importance of carbohydrate counting since it was not discussed in great detail during class. Using the reference materials provided, I was able to better prepare myself to answer questions from patients regarding diabetic medications, disease management and

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