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Appendix C Annotated Bibliography Abrami, P. C., Bernard, R. M., Bures, E. M., Borokhovski, E., & Tamim, R. (2010, July). Interaction in distance education and online learning: Using evidence and theory to improve practice. The Evolution from Distance Education to Distributed Learning. Symposium conducted at Memorial Union Biddle Hotel, Bloomington, IN. In a continuation of a meta-analysis of distance and online education, the authors explored “interactions: among students, between the instructor and students, and between students and course content” (p. 2), discussed methodological issues with existing learning research, and suggest methods for improving online instruction. Interaction is widely…show more content…
After a review of Knowles five tenets the authors identify that the skills for success in higher education may not have the “interpersonal and adult relational skills” (p. 4) necessary to succeed in teaching adult education. The research question developed was “what are the essential skills and characteristics of resident teachers consistent with andragogy” (p. 4), and seventeen articles were found that touched on the research question. The mechanisms found include (a) “feedback which should be ‘both corrective and reinforcing’ (Heflin, Pinheiro, Kaminetzky, & McNeill, 2009, p. e234)” (p. 5), (b) “promote autonomy in learners” (p. 6), (c) “incorporate the prior experiences of their learners” (p. 6), (d) promote “a positive climate for learning” (p. 7), (e) cause learning to be problem-centered, and (f) general skills including “communication skills, enthusiasm, and ethics” (p. 7) as well as “understanding of leadership” (p. 7). This article reflects a confirming and differing view of adult learning

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