The Importance Of Children's Literature

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Sheelalipi Sahana (1533153) Prof. Renu Elizabeth Abraham Reading Children's Literature (ENGH 404) 16 November, 2016. Why We Should Study Children's Literature There are some themes, some subjects, too large for adult fiction; they can only be dealt with adequately in a children's book.- Philip Pullman Defining Children's Literature has been a task undertaken by many in the passage of time, very few having succeeded at it. The crux of the matter is that it is the literature that caters primarily to children but can be read by adults too. It is predominantly written by adults and purchased by the parental community for their young ones. There are a number of reasons why children should read literature but the argument being made in this paper…show more content…
While the choice of vocabulary and diction is of course toned down to suit children, as they are the target audience, the thoughts, beliefs and ideologies presented are definitely not. "W have to accept that children's books are complex, and the study of them infinitely varied." (Hunt 2) Each text written for kids has a context that conveys meanings when analysed. Just like how the nursery rhyme 'Ring a Ring a Roses' is about the Black Death that swept over England in the 14th century resulting in countless casualties, children's literature conveys complex themes and ideas when disseminated by adults. A tragic consequence of this belief is that this literature is not considered as important or great as adult literature. It is dismissed as not educational and informative. On the contrary, it has the most knowledge imparted as "the most straightforward act of communicating is amazingly intricate- dealing with fundamental questions of communication and understanding between adults and children, or more exactly, between individuals and individuals." (Hunt…show more content…
These books have an aura of innocence associated as the children readily get sucked into the magical world and believe it all to be really happening. By reading these, an adult can learn to once again believe in the fantastical, at least for the duration for which the book is read. Sometimes we get so caught up in dissecting every connotation that we forget to enjoy the exquisite details that make the book what it is. By immersing oneself into the magical realm within the book, the adult can regain the innocence to believe that anything can happen, without getting bogged down by the reality of the

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