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Emotionally intelligent individuals are able to discern people’s feelings. They have the ability to put themselves in other people’s shoes and are able to understand how they may feel or react to certain situations. The ability to empathize allows us to feel compassion for others. It also enables us to respond genuinely to other people’s concerns. Empathy allows a person to excel in: Rendering service: anticipating, identifying, and meeting or surpassing the client’s needs. Developing your subordinates: sensing what others need to grow and helping them strengthen their abilities. Leveraging diversity: promoting opportunities through people of different genders, races, ages, religions, and so on. Political astuteness: working well with everyone…show more content…
High self-awareness helps an individual to monitor the actions and to try to rectify it, if required. Low self-awareness may lead to misperception about others expectation and consequently, wrong action. Self-awareness guides an individual’s to fine tune the on the job performance style to become more acceptable and socially networked, which are the key factors for success in organizational context today. Self-awareness has been defined as 'being aware of both our mood and our thoughts about the mood' (Goleman, 1995, p.47). Stein and Book (200, p.3) has elaborated it as ' the ability to recognize your feelings and to differentiate between them, to know what you are feeling and why and to know that caused the feelings'. Although there is a logical distinction between being aware of feelings and acting to change them, the two usually go hand-in-hand to recognize a foul mood is to want to get out of it. This recognition may be different from the efforts we make to keep from acting on a emotional impulse. Three different styles can be identified by which people attend and deal with their emotions (Goleman, 1995,

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