Comprehensive School Counseling Mission Statement

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The objective for adopting a comprehensive school counseling program is to provide school counselors in the district with a model for successfully organizing the 21st Century issues facing students, families, and the extended community. Comprehensive counseling programs are the foundation to provide each child, adolescent, and family with the tools necessary for developing enduring skills to manage school and future challenges. It is imperative for school counselors to identify and create innovative ways of meeting students’ needs in this ever-changing society. I’ve drafted a comprehensive plan for the district in which I am employed, Houston Independent School District. Modeled after the ASCA model 2003, 2005, The Comprehensive Counseling…show more content…
This component of the program guide is the basis of a comprehensive school program and informs the development of the philosophy, vision, strategic priorities, guiding principles, and counseling standards and student priorities. The mission statement for the Houston I.S.D. Counseling Program is “The Houston I.S.D. Counseling Program supports every student within the learning environment. The Counseling Program promotes and facilitates academic, personal/social, and career development, so that every student is empowered to realize his/her full potential in the 21st Century. The vision statement is “The H.I.S.D. Counseling Program aims to facilitate a culture of educational excellence in which every student will be academically prepared to be a lifelong learner and a productive…show more content…
The first is Academic Development which supports student success through study and test taking skills, contributing to improving student attendance, ensure students are receiving academic interventions and support, students and families have knowledge and access to promotion and graduation requirements, focus on increasing the rate of graduation, use data based practices to increase and promote achievement, support teachers while working with students. The second is Career and Post-Secondary Development which focuses on reducing disciplinary referrals and suspension rates, increase positivity of school climate, help students cultivate resiliency skills, encourage positive self-development, promote successful student grade level transition, teach students relevant mediation and conflict resolution skills, facilitating access to resources throughout the community, encouraging positive motivation and

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