Cinderella Story: The Story Of Cinderella's Life

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She was born in a village in Greenland raised by her father that loved her with all his heart. Then came a day when a women walked into his shop, that day was like any other. The usual customers and pay, Cinderella playing with her dolls on the counter hoping one day she would have her own prince. But on this day like every other this woman, the most beautiful women the father had ever seen since Cinderella and her mother. He falls for her like snow being placed on a hot oven. Cinderella thought nothing of it since she was only 8 years old at the time. She thought that the women was wonderful. The father decided to take her out for a diner and she happily accepted. Months later the father proposed, for a few months life was good for Cinderella living with the beautiful mother and her daughters. Then during World War 2 the father decided to help the U.S and Britain in the Invasion of D-Day to take back all of Europe from the Nazis. After the waiting and letters Cinderella and her stepmother and sisters did. A man came to the house and told them the bad news. The father was on the front lines of Omaha Beach and though he fought bravely he was…show more content…
She had to clean when they where to go out to dinner or to anywhere where they would be gone for a while. The sisters hated her for how beautiful she was and bullied her constantly about how nobody loved her and the only person that did is now dead. But she was a strong girl and held her head high unless she was cleaning the floors. One day they got a letter from the major saying that there will be a feast for all of the man who fought to take back Europe and free it from the Nazis wrath. Cinderella heard them from outside the door and automatically came barging in. She asked if she could go but the mother refused till her last breath. The next day they were ready to go, but Cinderella could not since she didn't have a

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