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Cinderella Then, Cinderella Now The tale of Cinderella has been told in many ways for centuries. But in the United States there are two versions that every child will become aware of before too long. The earlier version written by the Brothers Grimm in their collection of fairytales managed to make its way to France where Perrault wrote the closest tale to the animated Disney version that many of today’s young adults grew up seeing. The process of examining the Brothers Grimm version of Cinderella and comparing it to the Disney version is absolutely fascinating. Disney’s Cinderella has many symbols, or versions of symbols, and themes that correspond with the Brothers’ Grimm Cinderella but the differences are only made to be more shocking for…show more content…
Looking at the tree from a functionality standpoint allows the conclusion to be drawn that the hazel tree may represent virtue. First she promised her mother that she would be pious and good and following her mother’s death she plants the hazel tree on her mother’s grave. Following that the hazel tree grew from a branch that was humbly requested; she requested when her father asked her and her stepsisters what they would like him to return with for them, she asked for the first branch that hits his head while her stepsisters asked for gowns, jewels, and precious stones. As such the hazel tree may represent virtue; in other words it represents Cinderella’s good qualities. From a purely scientific perspective the hazel tree is a hardy tree able to withstand a broad range of climates and depending on the type of hazel tree the nuts can be found in prickly burs encased in their hard shells. Looking at the tree from this perspective brings to light that the hazel tree may have been representative of Cinderella herself; like the hazel tree and its nuts Cinderella had to have strength and had beauty hidden beneath the ashes and rags. If one were to look into the brothers’ Grimm fairy tales a little more there is a tale called “The Hazel Branch” which says that “a green-hazel branch has been the safest protection against adders, snakes, and everything else which creeps upon the earth” which is a clear statement that the hazel…show more content…
Cinderella would be rather stuck during the tale, or have little to no troubles in her life, if the stepmother was nice rather than evil. “At the same time that the witch poses an external threat to the hero or heroine, she magnifies inner flaws and frailties in the reader… In one fairy tale after another, the witch embodies unwholesome aspects of the self that all children struggle against… Very often the witch in these stories takes the form of a malevolent stepmother… She is less an actual person than a representation of psychological forces operating in the child’s psyche.” (17-18, Cashdan) So the stepmother in Cinderella plays an invaluable role: she takes the unsavory things that mothers can do and blows them out of proportion. This causes the sibling rivalry that occurs as an undertone throughout the interactions between Cinderella and her stepsisters to be emphasized. The evil stepmother in Cinderella functions as a symbol for a child’s fears in regards to their mother or as a way to address the actions their mother takes that they deem unfair. While the stepmother and the stepsisters in Cinderella tend to be loathed, they provide an excellent contrast for the reader and help Cinderella develop and strengthen her good

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