The Importance Of Organizational Change

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Before going deeper into organisational change, it is important to understand what an organisation is and what dynamics are at play. The term organisation has been explained as the pattern of communication and relations among a group of individuals, including the process for making and implementing decisions (Simon, 2013), such as a business. According to the Business Dictionary (n.d.), all organisations have a management structure that determines how different activities, members, responsibilities, assigned roles and authority to carry out different tasks are related. For the organisation to be effective it is important that individual goals are consistent with organisational goals, which can be related to organisational loyalty where individual…show more content…
Changes within organisations are said to be an ever-present feature in today’s organisations (Burnes, 2004) and therefore the ability of an organisation to identify where it needs to be and how to manage those changes is crucial (Self, Armenakis & Schraeder, 2007). The pace of organisational change has never been as rapid as in today’s society and changes can be triggered by either internal or external forces ranging from small to big changes (Burnes, 2004; Balogun & Hailey, 2008). Due to the complexity of organisational change it has been studied in various ways. Previous studies range from the organisation being studied as a whole and what changes it goes through as it grows (Greiner, 1972; Phelps, Adams & Bessant, 2007; Balogun & Hailey, 2008) to exploring how individuals perceive these changes and how that affects the success of the change (Self et al, 2007; Ming-Chu, 2009; Neves, 2009; Vakola, 2013; Michaelis, Stegmaier & Sonntag,…show more content…
Readiness for change has been identified as important for promoting the process of organisational change (Neves, 2009; Vakola, 2013) and will be of main focus in this study. Namely what features are needed in order to be able to call individuals, groups or organisations ready for changes and how these features contribute to the outcome of

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