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Cinderella Disney released one of its most popular and iconic animated films in 1950, staring Ilene Woods as the main protagonist, Cinderella. The film has gone down as one of the most recognizable movies made and one of Disney’s most beloved and timeless classics. With children everywhere knowing her story. However, this movie would not have been so successful if it did not have breathtaking animation. During the 1950’s animation was not a popular film technique at the time because it wasn’t an advanced technique there for its visuals were usually not done well. The film Cinderella is a Disney adaption of the classic Grimm Brothers fairy tale. It is a story about an orphaned girl who is enslaved by her evil stepmother and her two ugly step sisters.…show more content…
She found the way that her evil stepmother and step sisters treated her as normal as she had been treated this way since she was a child. The film does an excellent job of showing the audience her innocence by showing how the mice and the birds interact with her when she sings. The viewers can tell that the animals are going to be a big help to Cinderella by how the writers foreshadow them with the way they help Cinderella sew her clothes during the first song. The plot begins to advance when the king arranges a ball for the arrival of his son. After the invitation arrives at Cinderella’s house the stepmother prepares the stepsisters for the ball while giving Cinderella impossible chores to complete so she will not be able to attend. The mice overhear Cinderella’s plans and secretly make her a dress while she does her chores. This proves how loyal the mice are to Cinderella due to her years of kindness towards them. When her evil stepmother forbids her from attending the ball and destroys her perfect dress; she is later visited by her fairy godmother. The fairy

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