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. Bachelor of Science (BSc): I have always had a passion for maths or rather numbers and being able to solve problems using numbers. Additionally, Mathematics is my best and most preferable subject. I want to specialise in something I love and love doing- which is Mathematics. ii. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBCH): My second passion is knowing more about the human body and being able to do something is there were to be anything wrong regards to it. I have much interest in the knowledge about the human body. Aspirations influenced by a family member (Dr Seaseane-my uncle and a surgeon who was once been in the footsteps I am in now) has an impact in the second decision I have made in wanting to pursue a career in medicine and surgery. iii. Bachelor of Education (BEd-Secondary Teaching): This is an option for me simply because of the influence the course or career has in my family (5 family members of mine have pursued being educators-in variation). Hence, I do not want to just be an average teacher but I want to also work my way up and end up being an university lecturer-teaching Mathematics. I want…show more content…
One tends to not focus on studies anymore because of their view of another world- the world of earning income. With the peripheral vision of being able to work, getting your own money and being financially stable causes a distraction from studying and leads to envy and an option to dropout since being a university student is considered to be “a waste of time.” This can be directly linked to a negative mentally towards the individual. In summary, “for some students, dropping out is the culmination of years of academic hurdles, mistress and wrong turns. For others, the decision to dropout is a response to conflicting life

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