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Driving has significant multiple roles for transport in most countries, enabling people to function more effectively, travel to and back from work, and participate in multiple social activities. So, it is a common essential daily task, yet it is complicated as it requires visual, motor, and cognitive skills to be done safely. Safe driving has always been a top priority issue worldwide (1), as it has a considerable effect on physical, social and finical satisfaction of the general public, and hence it gained medical research attention. It’s been known that some medical conditions endanger driving safety, in addition, increase the age of the driver and his medical conditions may raise the incidents of accidents (2). Wherefore, most western countries have specific restrictions on the commercial driving licenses of drivers who have medical conditions which may impair the ability of driving. As example, the American Medical Association (AMA) recognizes that trauma which caused by motor/vehicle accidents is considered to be a major health concern, So in order to prevent these accidents, the AMA has issued a report in which they state that “The purpose of this report is to articulate…show more content…
Approximately 7 million of the populations have diabetes and almost three million have pre-diabetes (12). Alarmingly, the prevalence of diabetes in the last three years in Saudi Arabia has been increased to ten-fold.(12) In 2011, the prevalence of DM2 in Saudi Arabia was 23.1% (13). Moreover, the study showed that the prevalence of DMT2 in central region jumped 10% in just a decade (13). In addition, motor vehicle accidents in Saudi Arabia are considered to be one of the most common causes of mortality and morbidity, an average of 17 Saudi Arabian die each day because of car accidents. didn’t find source but its in the

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