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The story of Cinderella is very popular and well known. The fairy tale is about a young girl who had to live with her evil stepmother and step sisters. The young girls name was Cinderella, and she became a servant to her stepmother and step sisters. One day, the King threw a ball in hopes to find his son a wife, where everyone in the kingdom was invited. But Cinderella was told by her stepmother that she was not allowed to attend the ball. Cinderella’s fairy god mother showed up and gave her a dress and created a carriage to get her to the ball. So, Cinderella went to the ball and danced with the prince. When midnight came, she ran away, and in the process, she lost her glass slipper. The following day, the prince made all the women try on the slipper, and Cinderella’s foot was the only perfect fit. They then married and lived happily…show more content…
This young princess was taking a walk in the woods where she dropped her favorite ball into a spring. As she was crying, a frog came to the surface of the spring and asked what was wrong. The princess was rude to the frog and dismissed him. He offered to get her ball for her, in exchange for the privilege of living with the princess in the castle, eating off her plate, and allowing him to sleep in her bed. The princess told the frog she will do all these things he asks if he retrieves her ball but after the frog gave it to her, she ran home and left the frog at the spring. The next day before dinner, the frog showed up at the castle and the princess would not let him inside. However, once the King had learned of what had happened, he made the princess follow through with what she told the frog. On the fourth day, the frog turned into a handsome prince. The curse had been lifted after he was able to eat off the princesses plate and sleep in her bed for three days. The prince then proposed to the princess, and she said that she would indeed marry him in his fathers

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