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Students’ Obsession on Grades is on Critical Level Students’ obsession with grades: Parents or Student’s failure? As government doing a research, today graduated students have reached 7.02 million people unemployed. This is the proof that Indonesian students aim on grades doesn’t solve our problem to achieve a better future. Parents have responsibility on this problem, most parents in Indonesia push their children when they get a lower score than parents' expectation, moreover there are some parents who always exploit their children, even though their children have got the highest score in the class. Worldwide Education system nowadays has made all learners goal to get the highest, this is the nature of human competition. In Indonesia student competition in education has reached the critical level. Also, they think that if they get a higher score than another, they will get a better job, and they can build their future dream. Moreover, this competition tradition thing is influenced by parents and teacher too. This is the reality of Indonesia Education system. In short, Indonesia has put all perception into believing that grades would help them to get a better future, which trigger students to do whatever they can in order to attain good grades. Most industries in Indonesia always put the higher grades at the top of most wanted workers.…show more content…
Parents make mistake by pushing their children to get good grades, parents don’t want to know how they get the grades, they happy as long as their have good grade, they didn’t know the fact that their children used to cheat to get the highest grades. Right now, parents can make a change for the better future with no pushing children to always study. How can, this country would change the perception of getting good grades for better future? This problem may be solved by the parents and

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