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The novel Chokherbali was written by the Nobel Prize winner writer Rabindranath - Tagore, and later came into movie adaptation directed by one of the most celebrated director of the Bengali cinema Rituparno Ghosh. Chokher Bali is a story about the physical and mental deprivations of young widows and their sexual frustrations. Binodini is a young girl who is left to her own device when her sickly husband was suddenly dies at soon after their marriage. She returns to her village and lives for a couple of months until she sees one of her relatives passing by. Binodini hail the woman and the two son were agreed that it would be the best…show more content…
In this novel, Binodini was a young, beautiful, educated in a more complete manner, the woman with having a deadly mixture of interupted and very curvy compliment. She is a widow whose marriage to a sick husband has hardly reaching any form of act of sexual. By a cruel twist of fate and ignorance on the part of Mahendra she has earlier missing out on the opportunity to become either Mahendra’s wife or Bihari’s. Rajlakshmi visits her ancestral village and picks Binodini up who, according to Tagore, has been surviving like a solitary garden- creeper amidst the jungle, leading a joyless existence in the village. The kind of hospitality she shows to Rajlakshmi and Bihari in the village- home itself, with the touches of fine taste and dedication that none can match, sets her apart from the very beginning, from the common village women. Binodini’s ripe sexuality has hits him like a thundert. Her status of widowhood makes her guardian- less and someone who needs to be…show more content…
Instead she makes him promise to take her to Bihari. At Kashi, Binodini meets Bihari who, after some incidents, agrees to marry her. On the day of marriage Binodini gets vanished, leaving. The character of Binodini seems very real. The way she thought and acted seems so real. The way she thought and acted seems very much like how a real person would act and react. She becomes jealous after seeing the happiness and love of a newly married couple when she herself is doomed to widowhood. She is truly a character ahead of her times. She is educated and, back in the day, could read and write in English and held clear and definite opinions about the politics of the day. Comparing to Binodini, Asha was simple, naive and not even as skilled at domestic chores as Binodini. It is no wonder, then that the initial bout of envy evolves into stronger and stronger resentment and a sense of entitlement which led to Binodini to believe that Mahendra deserved better, that he deserved someone like her and not

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