Personal Essay: Why I Go To Block Island

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Heart thumping, fingernails digging into my skin, I’m on my way to a place that I do not even want to go to and an island I cannot escape from. Why can I never say no to my dad? Why does he have to have so many great memories that I cannot destroy? Why do we have to go to Block Island every summer? And most importantly, why do I have to go sailing? It seems like just the prior night, everything was at its usual level of disappointment. Which it was. Tiredly and grumpily, we piled into the huge ferry after what felt like an interminable four and a half hour car ride. Then, as always, we unpacked in the same quaint rental house for the third year in the row and got the same pizza we always have had for the past three years. But, then suddenly my dad dropped a bombshell and told me I would be joining a sailing club full of strangers! That’s when I wished I could turn right back around and get back on the smelly ferry. That’s how I ended up in this car about to be completely humiliated because I have no friends here and have never been in a sailboat in my life! I reluctantly get out of the car, with sweat dripping down the sides of my face and not because of the heat since it is only 65 degrees out. Apparently the perfect sailing weather according to my dad I remember ruthfully. I arrive…show more content…
I set down the sail after the short walk down beside a boat that looks the least intimidating. Zoey quickly sets up the boat like a professional and I do my best to stay out of the way and attempt to learn the complicated steps. Thanks to her skills we catch up with the rest of the group and start getting into our boat. I timidly ease myself in after a few tries and position myself in the boat so that I will be facing Zoey while she is steering. Zoey jumps in and we follow the counselors and the rest of the group over towards a place called Andy’s Way which is a small beach where we will go on a scavenger

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