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Reading Skills The ability to interpret or decode written material and or situation. Reading is one of the key elements that facilitate communication and help decipher written materials for a clear understanding of what is intend to be transmitted. Today society inherited, knowledge have been pass down from many years and in many forms and reading is a prominent key, a lot of what we know today are amalgam of researches and observation that has been discovered and used to ease the concept of life, discoveries are made by an individual or group of people but are imperative to most if not all of us in many ways. To help the spread of this knowledge to benefit all, the information are stored by the forms of languages to serve for future use or reference, and for ages knowledge is pass down in form of education, where people are constantly exposed to numerous materials to broaden their perspective and as based on numerous…show more content…
Reading and writing are developmental continuum rather than acquired skills Certain abilities must be developed that work together to create strong reading skills (the little red reading book); these core abilities include: • Phonemic awareness • Alphabetic principles • Sound spelling correspondence • Decoding ability • Spelling, vocabulary and writing skills • Comprehension Reading

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