Chimpanzee Intelligence Theory

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This chimpanzee in the picture is going to get ants to eat. They use a grass as a tool to catch ants. They know it’s difficult to catch ants using own hands, but to use that tool makes easier. Chimpanzee is said that intelligence is about 4 years old for human beings. In solving something like a human being, they use their own brains and think about it, and use resources as tools to produce better results more efficiently. So, how about us? Usually, we face many problems just by being alive. If we move, we will become hungry. We feel cold in winter and hot in summer. Such a problem can be solved easily even if a small child has resources such as food and clothes. However, such a problem couldn’t be solved by other living creatures in different ways. The chimpanzee's intelligence is about 4 years old for human as…show more content…
Try this especially when negative feelings such as sadness and anger. Although sadness and anger do not disappear at all with this work, knowing the reason for feeling that you feel makes you hard to be bothered by that feeling. It is more familiar to LupinⅢdrawed by Monkey Punch than the Phantom Twenty Face. People who know the identity of what we handle are relieved and easy to think about. It also increases the speed at which the mind approaches the original neutral state and reduces the negative influence on the surroundings because it does not act emotionally. In addition, it makes it easier to recognize other people as well as yourself (I do not say that you can understand). For example, you will feel uncomfortable with someone who is different from yourself. There is a lot of doubt “Why he or she does not understand me?” or “Why I can not understand him or her opponent?”, but that person also has his or her own mind and brain mechanism working like you. You do not know his or her mind, because You do not even know your own
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