Essay On Leadership Skills

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Leadership qualities are often perceived as an ability to out-speak and orate. It is often considered that only people who are good communicators, extroverts or are social, can be good leaders. Another popular perception is that this skill is inherent and can’t be learned. The truth can’t be farther away from it. Leadership, like many other skills can not only be learned, but can also be mastered. Jayalalitha, a veteran politician and the chief minister from Tamilnadu confessed that she was always a shy girl in the school who used to fear meeting new people. Seeing that a girl like her rising to the corridors of politics and lead with conviction and vigour, for almost three decades only shows that this skill can surely be learned or taught.…show more content…
The skill building stems from everyday activities. The little things one does as a parent every day. Let them make choices and take chances: As parents, we are naturally over protective and do not want to see our children get hurt, but sometimes it is important for them to get hurt in order to learn more about the choice they made and how that wasn’t the best one. Similarly, by over protecting and too many instructions can mar their confidence for life. Helping build emotional and social intelligence: Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory describes how there are various kinds of intelligence and not just the academic one, as most people know. Out of all the other intelligence he suggests, emotional and social intelligence are the most crucial, needed to be a leader. Emotional intelligence can be described as an ability to manage one’s behaviour at all times. It can be linked to self awareness, self-management, social awareness and handling relationships. Social intelligence on the other hand is the trait or the quality to get along well with others and to get them to cooperate with you. Children learn both the skills primarily from the parents. How parents respond when faced with difficult circumstances and how do they react to their emotions, can make children learn these life long leadership
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