Child Development In Pakistan

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From the past to recent years the medical information was updated to the better especially the information about the care of child. In the past the child after birth there is no follow up to check the child is in normal growth or there is any concern that may occur in the future, for that the child growth with disease or abnormal growth or with Impairments and disabilities. With the progress of the years the children was in their Interest. they focus in growth monitoring of the child to measure important things to be confirm that child is in normal growth so that contain high , weight , nutrition , disease, immunity , vaccines , behaviors, disease, immunity , vaccines , behaviors and so on. (Roberfroid et al 2005). Overall, the world health…show more content…
in addition will evaluate the growth chart used for assessing child growth , identify growth monitoring in good practice and nurse responsibility of growth monitoring ,furthermore , evaluate the parents and community role of growth monitoring, finally critically discuss the long term consequences and plan based on the routine and regular charting of…show more content…
in addition (Hirani 2008) mention there is some believes about nutrition the newborn baby feed by breast milk are will not give the baby until they crying or after awake up from sleep also,( Memon et al 2006) describe that some families they believe the first milk from the mother (colostrum) are affect the child because is not healthy and this practice will depriving the baby to take that benefit from the colostrum . Furthermore, adding of diet weaning to the child may be too late too early and this will lead of malnutrition, also, they think the cold food like rice or hot food like meat cause allergy, digestive problem, flu or pneumonia all this believes will affect the child growth developing. Actually, the growth monitoring is very rare applying in the Pakistani because of the low level of education and rare of hospital or clinic in the villages. The common traditional of Pakistani believe the mother is the one who is responsible of the child and also, from the traditional or cultural belies the mother cannot take the child to the health care setting for growth monitoring because of strict system of hijab for females and force them to be in the home. In the other hand, (Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth

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